Mordura is a high-performance fabric for demanding applications, such as heavy-duty commercail and military use.  

Mordura Sewing Procedures

Mordura is a high tech knit fabric that requires sewing techniques different from woven fabrics. As Mordura is comprised of both nylon and polyester yarns, it is important to follow sewing directions. Mordura has proven to be easily sewn and processed, and has provided reliable and durable service. As with any fabric product, post-manufacturing processes may alter the physical properties of the material.

1 Mordura requires the use of #22 or smaller ball point needle for proper sewing. The smallest needle that is compatible with production should be used. Sharp or oversize needles may cause cutting of yarns resulting in subsequent seam failure.

2 Mordura should not be sewn with monofilament thread. Use either nylon or polyester multi-filament thread for best results. Thread tension should not be excessive to avoid bunching of the fabric.

3 For the strongest possible seams, Mordura should be sewn with a double needle machine using no more than 7 to 8 stitches per inch. Mordura can successfully be sewn with a single needle machine providing 7 to 8 stitches per inch are not exceeded. Do not back tack excessively with any sewing equipment.

4 Seam and/or fabric overlaps should be 1/2” to 3/4” wide to allow clean double stitching. Selvage less than 1/2" may result in unraveling.

5 Mordura provides very high stretch, which allows the product to tailor easily. Use old or worn feed dogs and do not force feed the product when sewing. Use minimal foot pressure to allow the product to be sewn in a relaxed position.

6 Sewing machine timing should be checked if seam problems occur.


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